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Democrats Find Conservative Values: Just in Time to Run for School Board

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Democrats Find Conservative Values: Just in Time to Run for School Board

Guest Column by Shawn R. Frost

An anonymous email received from a teacher who worked at Storm Grove Middle School has sparked questions about how politicians brand themselves.  “I worked with Mrs. Jackie Rosario while I was at Storm Grove Middle.  I remember conversations in which she told me she voted for Obama.  She is an Obama supporter and is not a true conservative.  Some people are characterizing her as conservative but not one person has asked her about her voting history,” the email read.  Because she has “Raised Red Flags” where she apparently lied about the reason she is no longer an Assistant Principal, I wondered if she was being dishonest about her conservatism. And since she cites her “experience”, I think it is important to know what kind of experience she has. Pres. Barack H. Obama was President for 8 years, and I wouldn’t hold his “experience” up as a reason to hire him again via election. Nor would many of the conservative voters who say they are supporting Jackie Rosario.

Fl Daily Rosario

In a county where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 21,226 voters, a bid for public office would be an uphill climb for a Democrat.  The challenge for dedicated Republican voters in races such as School Board where candidates are not allowed to tout their party, is to identify which candidates will represent conservative values.  The challenge for the local Republican Executive Committee is a complicated one.  The local leadership wants to be inclusive to all Republican Candidates, however there is no denying that modus operandi of many wannabe politicians is to change party affiliation before running for office. 

As a service to voters who value a loyal dedication to the party, I have completed some homework on “Republican” candidates running for School Board.   Ruben Bermudez Jr. was last registered Democrat on March 24, 2011. Mr. Burmudez Public Records Voter Information Here.  He did not participate in many forums, but in none does he give enough life history for us to infer the reason for his conversion. Jacqueline Rosario, who has been endorsed by local politician Laura Zorc, has donned all the trappings needed to emulate a Republican.  However, public records show that she was last registered as Democrat on July 29, 

2016. Ms. Rosario Public Records Voter Information Here. This leads me to believe that she very well may have voted for President Obama as the email claims.

Rosario D to R Public Records Request

Screenshot of Rosario Change of Party*

according to the Florida Daily article, Rosario has seemingly lied about her employment history. Is she lying about something as fundamental as her political philosophy? The facts and public records clearly demonstrate that she only made the change barely two years ago.

We will have to let the voters decide whether Jackie is being dishonest. It's interesting how her stories never match the facts when records are requested. One thing we can count on is that Devon Dupuis has never been registered as a Democrat. Mrs. Dupuis Public Records Voter Information Here. She founded the conservative Turning Point USA Chapter at Indian River State College.  She is a member of the Republican Executive Committee and Vice President of Sunrise Republican Club.  If you judge a tree by its fruit, most people would agree that Devon Dupuis is the true conservative in the District 2 School Board Race.

 shawn flag TCPALM

Written By:  Shawn R. Frost

(Never a Democrat)

If there are questions about the results, do your own public records request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It's free* to the requester (*taxpayer funded- a real conservative knows the difference)

As a consistent conservative, I do my research, and I bring the FACTS.

Results of Public Records Request to Indian River Supervisor of Elections: Fulfilled by Kathy Crockett 8/21/2018